Sustainable Practices for Law Firms

Changing the internal practices of an office is the fastest and easiest way for lawyers to engage in the practice of sustainability and to become leaders in sustainability by supporting the efforts of employees and vendors similarly engaged in and concerned about sustainability.  This page will direct Oregon lawyers to resources that assist lawyers and law firms change their practices to reduce use of resources and to motivate employees to embrace those changes.

  • Lawyers for a Sustainable Future is a lawyer-directed project of the Center of Earth Leadership. LSF web site contains six downloadable tools for the law office including a checklist of sustainable office practices, a model sustainability policy, vendor guidelines and other useful checklists for the law office.
  • The Portland-based Business Center at Businesses for an Environmentally Sustainable Tomorrow (BEST) provides free customized assistance to offices and businesses adopting sustainability policies and practices.
  • The American Bar Association Standing Committee on Environmental Law provides information “that will help you lower your operating costs while conserving precious natural resources.”  This site provides links to numerous information resources on reducing resource consumption.
  • The ABA jointly administers a law firm recognition program, the Law Office Climate Challenge, with the U.S. EPA.  That program provides goals and guidelines for office sustainability practices.  ABA and EPA designed the program to “to encourage law offices to take simple, practical steps to become better environmental and energy stewards.”