A Steady State Economy

A “steady state economy” would have (1) stable or mildly fluctuating levels in population and (2) the lowest feasible flow of matter and energy from the first stage of production to the last stage of consumption.  Ecological economist Herman Daly has been a pioneer in development of the steady state concept.  In contrast, the global economy, driven by the capital markets of the world and inexpensive fossil fuel, depends on relentless growth in global sales of goods and services and the attendant use of resources and energy. 

 Is the global economy, in its current configuration, sustainable?  Is it true that “there is no alternative” to exponential growth?  The Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE) would answer, “Clearly exponential growth is not sustainable. We must find an alternative or suffer the consequences of overshoot and collapse.” 

 Rob Dietz, Executive Director of Washington D.C.-based CASSE, will present the case for the steady state economy.


Date/Time:      Tuesday, March 29, noon to 1:15 pm      

Location:         Miller Nash LLP

111 SW Fifth, Suite 3400, Portland

Cost:                No cost

CLE:                1.0 hour CLE credit (will be applied for)

Lunch:             Brown bag (bring your own)

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