FoodCorps – Connecting Children to Real Food

Tuesday, September 4, 2012, noon to 1:15

Curt Ellis, the co-creator of the documentary King Corn and co-founder of FoodCorps, will share his vision for FoodCorps as an antidote to the epidemic of childhood obesity and as an engine for supporting local food producers.  A “Peace Corps for school food,” FoodCorps is mobilizing a nationwide team of leaders to implement a three-ingredient recipe for kids in limited-resource communities: (1) delivering hands-on nutrition education, (2) building and tending school gardens, and (3) bringing high-quality local food into public school cafeterias.

Curt Ellis, Executive Director of New York and Portland-based FoodCorps, is a leading voice in America’s sustainable food movement.  Co-creator of the documentaries King Corn, winner of a Peabody Award, and The Greeening of Southie, Curt and his longtime collaborator Ian Cheney received a coveted Heinz Award in 2010.  At 31, Curt and Ian were the youngest people ever to receive this award.  The son of Stoel Rives lawyer Barnes Ellis, after graduation from Lakeridge High School in 1998, Curt found his passion for food and agriculture at The Mountain School and Yale.  Upon graduation from Yale, he moved to Iowa to investigate the role of subsidized commodities in the American obesity epidemic. It was there that King Corn was conceived.


Materials:        Click here for handout of Presentation re Food Corps.

Date/Time:     Tuesday, September 4, 2012, noon to 1:15 pm

Location:         Standard Insurance Center Auditorium

900 SW Fifth Avenue, lower level

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