Executive Committee

The Executive Committee implements the policies of the section, arranges activities, and ensures that the section is fulfilling its mission statement.¬† Every year, the Executive Committee will meet at least¬†eleven times and will also arrange the annual meeting for the entire section, at which time the election for the following year’s Executive Committee will take place pursuant to Oregon State Bar Standard Section Bylaws Article VI.

The current Executive Committee members are Doug Quirke (Chair), June Wiyrick Flores (Secretary), Kimberly Sherman (Treasurer), Sara Butcher, Michael Grainey, Esack Grueskin, Damien Hall, Courtney Johnson, Danny Lang, Kimberlee Stafford, and Joe Piucci (BOG Liaison).

The Sustainable Future Section Executive Committee currently meets via Zoom on the first Wednesday of the month. Please check our calendar for details. Minutes of Executive Committee meetings can be found here.