Each year, the Northwest Earth Institute hosts the EcoChallenge, a fun no-pressure experience that challenges individuals to choose one action for two weeks to help reduce their environmental impact.

We believe the solution to Earth’s biggest challenges lies in the power of collective action. The EcoChallenge engages participants to take on a sustainable-living challenge for two weeks to prove that small actions can add up to real change!


To participate, keep your eyes open for the annual notification from the Sustainable Future Section. Once you receive the notice simply sign up and pick a challenge! It can be anything, from:  Use a reusable mug.  Take 5-minute showers.  Refuse paper receipts.  Purchase in-season produce.  Carpool to work.  Your challenge doesn’t have to be big, it just has to be something meaningful to you. See a list of challenges here to pick from.

Follow these simple steps to sign up for the challenge and be sure to join the Legal Professionals for Sustainability Team before the challenge starts!

1) Sign up!  Register on the EcoChallenge website by the date provided in the notice. If you participated last year, you can “reactivate” your account by clicking “LOGIN”; if you’re new, click the “JOIN” button.  

2) Join the Legal Professionals for Sustainability Team, and choose your challenges.

3) Collect points towards RAFFLE PRIZES. Once the EcoChallenge starts, usually the first of second week in October, log onto the EcoChallenge website every day. Note whether you met your challenge and write about your experience for extra points.  Every day you check in you’ll collect points towards an OSB Sustainable Future Section and Northwest Earth Institute raffle drawing and PRIZES.

Joining the EcoChallenge and the Legal Professionals For Sustainability Team is both quick and easy. The challenge takes as much time and effort as you have or are willing to give. Remember that sometimes a small kick-start can really make a difference. So challenge yourself and have fun!

In past years, the OSB Sustainable Future Sections team has managed to keep 75 plastic bottles and 150 plastic straws out of our landfills; keep 2,000 pounds of CO2 from entering our atmosphere; travel 251 miles by bike; save 900 gallons of water; and consume 175 meatless or vegan meals! For just a two week challenge these are some impressive impacts!”